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Connected Eating

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Connected Eating follows a unique approach, consistent with the latest research on eating disorders treatment indicating that effective intervention must include a focus on consistent meals and snacks planned, cooked and eaten in a therapeutic milieu.

In addition to learning how to nourish and nurture one’s body from a place of self-care, clients learn skills and techniques that enable them to function normally without using disordered eating as their maladaptive coping strategy. Groups are taught by hand-picked, compassionate staff with a broad range of eating disorders expertise.

At Connected Eating we understand the complex relationship many people have with food. In a weight-obsessed world it is increasingly difficult to trust our bodies and eat intuitively. Our philosophy is to guide clients to connect to their bodies and develop an internal sense of trust, nourishment and self-care.

Connected Eating’s services range from individual counselling by therapists and registered dietitians to the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) providing a weekly schedule of counselling, group therapy, supervised meals, mindfulness and cooking skills. If clients already have a treatment team, weekly updates are shared to ensure continuity of care. Connected Eating also offers parts of treatment that are vital for full recovery: group cooking, grocery shopping, meal planning and in-house cooking lessons to ensure that clients are able to continue their recovery in their own homes.


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