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Finding available medical services has been a lifelong struggle for Founder Josephine Marchese, beginning with a mother suffering from mental health issues and later a father tormented for over 30 years by various diseases like coronary artery disease, colitis and diabetes. Online searches for specialized, timely care provided only services with a website, leaving those available professionals without an online presence unfound. Josephine recalls spending an infinite amount of time sourcing specialized care with availability to help her father. It was a daunting, frustrating and emotional process when time was of the essence.

The larger struggle, however, was seeing the impact of not having available support on her father and Josephine said to her family, “No family should struggle to find the help they need. I have to do something.”

From that moment, the idea for an all-in-one services platform was formed. A platform through which people can find any service they need, view that service’s availability and book online, all in one place. In 2020, NoMoreWaitLists was born.

Today this innovative platform offers services from a wide range of industries, from mental health, medical and paramedical services to senior care, beauty, child care and more.


What We Do

NoMoreWaitLists is the only online platform of its kind in Canada with the goal of abolishing wait lists across the nation.

With our easy-to-use, intuitive directory, you not only find the services you need, but you also find the services with availability and can book those services, all in one place.

Unlike other directories that are simply an online listing of businesses with website and email links, NoMoreWaitLists is a comprehensive directory that enables you to inquire about availability or book directly.


How It Works

In the navigation bar, enter the type of service you’re looking for and your location, such as city or province and click “search.” Alternatively, you can click on a specific category to find the service you are searching for. Each category will direct you to listings in your area. Once you have discovered who or what you’re looking for, you can request available appointments or dates by clicking the “Request Availability” button on the right-hand side.


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