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I have experienced chromic ankle and wrist pain for the last 3 years from car accidents. I have seen too many specialists to count. I was in a waiting list for surgery but when I say Dr. Huang he knew right away he could help no problem (I had my doubts). In 5 sessions my wrist pain was gone and another 5 my ankle was as well. I am incredibly grateful for everything. I have seen previous acupuncturists and they don't compare to Dr. Huang, he gave me my painfree life back and I can't say thank you enough!!

Nancy, July 27, 2021

Osteoarthritis has severely damaged my left hip, which has put stress on all my supporting muscles. Over the years this has included my back, my glutes, my legs, my pelvis, etc. In early April 2021 I reached the point where I simply could not walk. Doing so even with two canes was highly problematic. I first saw Dr. Huang on April 12, when I could barely make it up the three steps to the clinic’s entrance. I soon learned that my muscles had become knotted together as tightly as a skein of wool can be knotted. This is the analogy that has become apparent to me as I reflect on my sessions with Dr. Huang. I never know which thread needs to be loosened next—often he surprises me. With every session I have noticed changes, and week-by-week the chronic pains I was experiencing have diminished. Dr Huang has also begun fine-tuning the various muscles that are now being asked to work cooperatively and without unnecessary tension, as I endeavour to restore a normal gait. Meanwhile, given the results from a battery of tests, my medical advisers are very surprised that I can walk, and that I look as well as I do.

There is more work to be done, but as of May 4 I am able to walk largely unaided at home, and using one cane outside. This is life-changing for me and my family. Without Dr Huang’s deep understanding of the human body, I doubt very much that I would be walking.

-Debby, May 5, 2021


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