Hearing Care Clinic

Hearing Care Clinic

Clinics Hearing Clinic
100 Aldersmith Place, Suite C3
Victoria, BC V9A 7M8


Full service hearing aid clinic

We offer hearing testing and complete service of hearing aids.

At Hearing Care Clinic, we understand how profound and difficult these effects can be, and it is our goal to provide the most personalized service possible in order to find a hearing care solution that will help each person restore their hearing and return to their normal, productive lives and interactions.

As a family owned and operated business, we care about your hearing health as much as your family does. At Hearing Care Clinic, our process and personalized service sets us apart.

We use the latest technology and expertise to evaluate your hearing. We then take the time to review the evaluation with you in detail to ensure that you understand everything about the nature of your hearing loss. We also take as much time as necessary to learn about your unique needs and lifestyle, which will help determine the best hearing aid solution for you.

We never rush you or want you to feel pressured when choosing a hearing solution, and we will make your experience as comfortable as possible. We include all maintenance and service* (for the life of the hearing aid) with each hearing aid we sell, and we are always available for cleaning, repairs, or batteries and accessories. Even if you did not buy your hearing aid from us, we are eager to help you with ongoing care, repairs and service, and we can work with any manufacturer or insurance company.

Hearing Care Clinic is your BEST choice for full service hearing care.

*Major repairs are not included once warranty has expired.


Monday to Thursday 10 am -4 pm Friday 10 am - 1 pm


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