Why Pediatric Dentistry is Important

Children should see a dentist around their first birthday. This helps them get used to the dental chair and take part in good oral health for a lifetime. Many adults fear the dentist or have severe dental hygiene concerns because they never went to the dentist as a child. Parents can make it a good experience and help with the prevention of cavities and other concerns.


A child should get comfortable with their provider of pediatric dentistry. They should relax and listen to instructions. Taking them for regular checkups helps them to see the dental office as a helpful place. If you only take them when there is an emergency or they are in pain, they can associate it with a bad place to be. This will create anxiety as they get older about the dentist.


Good oral health starts with proper care at an early age. Many dental concerns can be avoided with prevention. Regular checkups every six months are recommended for children. Potential issues can be resolved before they turn into larger concerns. The goal is to help each child have a healthy mouth and a positive experience.

Preventative services for a child can reduce the risk of serious dental concerns later in life. Many adults with poor oral hygiene habits or periodontal disease didn’t go to the dentist as a child. As an adult, many of them are fearful so they don’t go in. Others are too embarrassed due to the condition of their teeth so they don’t seek dental care.


Encouraging your child to brush their teeth doesn’t have to be a battle. Good dental hygiene habits should be part of the daily routine with them. Seeing a dentist regularly can further enhance these habits. Voice any concerns you have with the dentist and they can help you find solutions. A good dental checkup is something your child can be proud of! It encourages them to continue the established routine.


As a child gets older, they may require additional care through pediatric dentistry. For example, they may have a baby tooth that didn’t fall out on its own and has to be extracted. They may have crooked teeth and braces are necessary to straighten them. Crooked teeth can make it hard to chew and harder to keep their teeth clean. It can also make them self-conscious about talking or smiling.


Take your time to find the right provider for pediatric dentistry. Look for a provider with an excellent reputation working with families. Take a tour of the facility and find out if parents are allowed in the treatment area. The waiting room should be kid-oriented with toys, movies, and more to make them comfortable.

The dental experience should be positive with every effort made to reduce pain or discomfort. Dental hygiene should start at an early age for children. If you haven’t gotten your children in for checkups yet, spend some time finding a provider in your area you can count on!

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