The Daily Grind Nutrition

Nutrition therapy for women living with anxiety and depression.

Hi there! I’m Terri.

I am a Professional Dietitian and the owner of The Daily Grind Nutrition. I specialize in nutrition therapy for mental wellness and my passion is helping women manage their anxiety and depression symptoms with food and nutrition, so they can reclaim their joy and embrace their ‘daily grind’ with calm and confidence.

Having a lengthy personal history of anxiety and depression myself, I understand firsthand the power these two conditions can hold over someone’s life, from controlling decision making and social interactions to interfering with relationships and career advancement.

Over the past decade, there has been emerging evidence to support the positive impact food and nutrition can have on cognition, behavior, and emotions. At The Daily Grind Nutrition, I offer 1:1 virtual counseling sessions, where I meet you where you are in your mental health journey and provide you with the relevant and evidence-based information, tools, resources, and support needed to discover your personal food-mood connection and improve your symptoms – because you deserve to be happy!