The Couples Corner

The Couples Corner offers professional couples counselling services across New Brunswick.

The Couples Corner Counselling was created for couples seeking to build and grow their relationship, rekindle passion, heal the pain of affairs, increase intimacy and create loving, lasting relationships. No one should have to struggle alone – this is why the Couples Corner Counselling is committed to offering quality, researched-based techniques and tools as we support our clients through challenging times.

Our team includes a range of licensed counselling therapists and clinical social workers.

Services offered include couples counselling, marital therapy, pre-marital therapy, individual counselling, and family therapy. Our therapists address issues related, but not limited to:

For couples: relational issues, affairs/infidelity, communication, conflict resolution, financial challenges, parenting, separation/divorce and sex/intimacy.

For families: strained family relationships, marital issues, concerns about children, improving communication, conflict resolution, building trust and understanding, improving the family dynamic.

In order to reach a wider range of mental health professionals to serve you better, our services are offered via e-counselling (online video).

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