The Blending Dietitian – Ontario

I’m Jen, a Registered Dietitian and I’m here to help you with your blenderized tube feeding.

I help people on tube feeding add real food to their tube feeding regimen. Blenderized tube feeding allows you to take control back of your feeding, customize your tube feeds and often feel better!

About The Blending Dietitian:

I’m Jen, a Registered Dietitian, with a passion for helping people with blenderized tube feeding.

For close to 20 years, I’ve worked in a hospital setting, where most of my patients are fed by feeding tube.

To be honest, we have only ever been able to prescribe standard commercial tube feeding formulas to people in the hospital.

BUT – As a dietitian, I know how beneficial eating a wide variety of whole foods can be for our health and I started thinking … why is that any different for people getting fed through a feeding tube??

I started to wonder more about how people would use blended food through their feeding tubes when they got home and so I started studying more about it.

More people started asking about how to blend foods and use them through the feeding tube. I also knew that often dietitians didn’t have training with blenderized tube feeding OR the time to coach people through starting and succeeding.

So with my knowledge, I started coaching people through starting to blend and they started feeling better, and gaining confidence with blending.

I’ve discovered that it can be a safe, easy way to nourish your body AND you may even get sick less often!

Now I want to help YOU add blenderized tube feeds in to your tube feeding regimen and help you thrive!