Sunshine Therapy Inc. – Ontario

Are you experiencing a sense of being stuck and overburdened yet are unsure of how to assist yourself? Are there any aspects of your life that are causing you stress, such as a relationship, education, a job, or a transition? Do you desire to make changes and lead the life you`ve always pictured but are unsure of where to begin? I`m here to help! I provide support and tools so we can begin the process of healing and moving forward in your life.

I understand that the process of deciding whether or not you may benefit from seeing a therapist can seem intimidating and stressful. We have experiences in assisting hundreds of individuals with their problems, so I`m optimistic that we can make a big difference for you and/or your family. We encourage you to get in touch with us to begin this journey .

About us:
Sunshine Therapy works with young adults, adults and couples who struggle to find their true identities and maintain positive relationships. We aim to help you view your challenges from a new perspective by integrating Humanistic, Narrative and Cognitive behavioral Therapy techniques. We will work with you to help create and maintain fulfilling relationships through effective communication while maintaining healthy boundaries.

We offers a welcoming space where you will be met without judgment. We work collaboratively with you to build action plans so you can achieve your desired goals. Our practices include the use of narrative and strength-based therapy in sessions where we encourage you to channel your inner confidence to create positive change.