Slater And Associates Counselling And Psychotherapy – British Columbia

Mental health counselling for anxiety, depression, grief, and presentations for organizations.

Are you feeling anxious? Burned out? Trying to hard at work or at home at the end of the day feel like you haven’t accomplished anything? At Slater and Associates we use proven psychotherapies to help you overcome anxiety and depression for good. Therapy can help you overcome your fears and low mood and can help you improve your relationships. What’s holding you back?

About Us:

Welcome to Slater and Associates!

Do you have anxiety? Do you feel unhappy? You know deep down that you could be doing better, but you struggle to see a way out of your anxieties, mood, burnout, grief or relationship issues.

Maybe you wonder if your issues are “important” enough to talk to a therapist about. Therapy feels like something “other people do”. You can feel better. Therapy can help you feel more calm, confident and happy.

We can start working together right away. We won’t make you wait, because you have probably already been waiting to make this change. Now that you are ready: we are too. Taking this step for yourself will be an investment in yourself, your mental health, your work performance, and family life. You wont regret reaching out, you will only wonder why you didn’t reach out sooner.

Therapy will give you a confidential and safe place to discuss your feelings. There are no waitlists. You can book an appointment with a therapist this week and start addressing everything that has been holding you back. You have already waited long enough, book your free 20 minute consult call today.

Imagine, this week you can:

Find support on your journey of healing or self-improvement.
Learn what is causing you to feel anxious or depressed.
Learn how to feel better.
Access tools to help you manage your mood and anxiety.
Be the spouse, partner, leader or parent you have always wanted to be.
Optimize your performance and mental health.

Not sure? Try a free 20 minute consult call with an online mental health therapist. You can put youself on the fast track to improved mental health. Get the mental health support you need and start feeling better.