Olivewood Counselling, Vancouver

Individual and Couples Counselling provided by a Registered Clinical Counsellor.

I specialize in relationship counselling for individuals and couples. Clients often come to me for support with building trust, navigating the transition to parenthood, dealing with relationship anxiety, coping with low intimacy or desire, healing from a relationship ending, and building healthy communication. Our relationships are important to us, and it can be distressing when we feel disconnected from our partner or anxious about maintaining a healthy relationship. My passion is helping clients understand how they show up in relationships and feel capable of making real change.

I work with you to develop healthy communication, set appropriate boundaries, discuss difficult issues, create habits to maintain relationship well-being, and feel better about yourself. It brings me great joy to see couples experience true connection and intimacy, and individuals develop self-compassion and confidence.

I offer warmth and compassion in my work providing evidence-based therapies to couples and individuals. Reach out to me to ask questions, set up a free 15 minute consultation or book an appointment. I would love to connect with you.