NP Health Clinic

Traditional Medicine with a Holistic Approach.

We are a Nurse Practitioner clinic that offers primary health care services. We work with a collaborative team and take a holistic approach to traditional medicine.

Welcome to NP Health Clinic, Leading Health Care Centre!
We provide a wide range of direct care services from General Consultation, Child and Young Adult Examination to Gut Health Assessment, Vitamin and Minerals Testing and intrauterine insertions to people throughout the healthcare continuum. In addition to treating illnesses, we teach individuals and their families about healthy living and disease management. Nurse practitioners (NPs) are Registered Nurses who have expanded their experience with continuing education and training to increase their scope of practice allowing them to:

1. Autonomously diagnose and treat disease.
2. Perform medical and minor surgical procedures.
3. Prescribe medications.
4. Communicate a diagnosis.
5. Teach how to manage chronic illness.
6. Order and interpret lab and diagnostic tests.