Nita Agustin Counselling

Nita is a clinical counsellor based in Burnaby and works primarily with youth & young adults.

Nita is a queer affirming clinical counsellor based in Barnaby. She loves working with those who do not want to be defined by social conventions. Her jam is helping queer youth and young adults develop confidence in living out their personal identity. She offers virtual, walk-and-talk, and in-person counselling a few minutes away from Brentwood.

There are lots of different stereotypes out there, and society tells us who we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to do in the world. It can feel very overwhelming and confusing to compare our personal experience against those ideas. I help clients process the many pieces of their personal identity. We find words to name their experience and discover ways to live on their own terms.

From our work together, I noticed clients feel much more comfortable integrating the many pieces of their identity and existing in their own skin. That way, they define what’s their life look like and not the impersonal world out there.