Melinda Aspell, Registered Social Worker

Online counselling via telephone, video, or asynchronous/synchronous text.

I am a Registered Social Worker and have been providing counselling services for over 20 years. I currently provide individual counselling services to residents of Ontario, Alberta, Yukon, Nunavut, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

I promise to approach each session with empathy, compassion, and understanding. I pride myself in providing a non-judgemental and safe space, free of assumptions. I strongly believe in giving people the space they need to speak freely about their unique lived experiences and how these experiences impact their lives. My role is to provide you with support and guidance to help you begin to move forward in your life.

Early in my counselling career I provided adjustment to vision loss counselling at CNIB. It was here that I began to see the real impact that grief, loss, anxiety and depression can have not only on an individual, but also their family and friends.

From there, I went on to work with parents and caregivers as they learned to navigated the early years of parenting and how to best care for and support the children in their lives. I have been successful in helping parents, not only improve their relationships with their children, but also each other.

Over the years, I have practiced and trained to become a skilled and experienced counsellor. I have helped people learn to live with anxiety, depression, stress, grief and loss, and so much more. I really listen to clients and adapt and utilize my skills to meet the individual needs of all those that come to me for help.

I am here to support you in learning to live with anxiety, stress, depression, or anything else that may be causing you distress so that you can start feeling better and take back control of your life. I can also help you improve your relationships with those most important in your life. I look forward to working with you!

Please contact me via email today to get started.