Inner Canvas Psychotherapy

Brittanni Oake is a Registered Psychotherapist at Inner Canvas Psychotherapy offering Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, and Trauma-Informed Yoga Practice to individuals/groups/families across Canada.

Inner Canvas Psychotherapy is built upon the belief that connection and self-expression extend beyond words. At Inner Canvas, Brittanni offers talk-based psychotherapy, art therapy, and trauma-informed yoga practices to individuals, groups, and families of all ages.

My primary goal as a therapist is to create a safe, warm, and confidential space where genuine healing is cultivated. Inner canvas operates through a client- centered lens that embraces non-judgment and compassion, holding space for authentic growth and transformation to occur. I accept and welcome everyone where they are at in their journey, with an open mind and heart. 

 I believe that everything we need to navigate the peaks and valleys of our lives already lies within. It is my job to journey alongside and empower you as you re-discover your inner strengths and resiliency. My approach is eclectic in nature, rooted in trauma and attachment informed frameworks. I often integrate mindfulness, creativity, and emotion focused approaches into my therapeutic work, amongst other modalities.