Counselling Associates

30 years as an MSW/ RSW therapist providing psychotherapy across a range of mental health concerns.

Psychotherapy with individuals, couples, families, and groupls across a wide-range of issues and concerns including:

1) Couples Reunification/high conflict/custody & access/ separation and divorce issues.
2) Specialized services in Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Offending and Victimization, and Addiction.
3) Individual therapy with expertise in Depression, ADD, Anxiety, and BPD.
4) Formats include: DBT, CBT, ACT, Narrative, EFT, and Motivational Interviewing (MI)ABOUT US

About me:
Hi I’m James Vickers.
I specialize in Helping Couples, teens, Parents & Families Build Strong & Healthy Relationships

Thank you for stopping by. I am the proud Owner and Clinical Director of Counselling Associates of Toronto. I am also a Registered Social Worker with more than 25 years of experiences working as an individual, couples and family therapist throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

I believe that effective therapy combines elements of science and art. The science is in the vast array of evidence-based or expert approaches that I have skillfully applied throughout my 25 year history of working with different client groups in different clinical and community settings. The art is in my abilities to develop therapeutic relationships and collaborate with clients, to integrate and implement these various ideas in creative ways, that pays attention to people’s uniqueness.