How to Live Your Best Life as You Age

Strategies to live the best life are the 5 pillars of aging well are basically broken down into the following domains.

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual

This is interesting but requires clarifying into language that people can understand in their daily lives.

How to Live Your Best Life

A well-known cardiologist, Doctor Ross Walker breaks this down further for clarity and says.

  • Have no addictions, no cigarettes, don't exceed safe consumption of alcohol levels.
  • Eat-in Moderation, don't gain too much weight, maintain an average BMI.
  • Exercise daily for half to three-quarters of an hour 5 days a week minimum.
  • Get 7-9 hours sleep/ rest per night.
  • Stay connected socially with Family and Friends

We all know addictions can be life-limiting, and we are constantly told not to eat too much. I would add good dental care to this, as without healthy strong teeth our nutrition suffers and we can become malnourished. Many people ignore their teeth and find that they need to be removed later. This is a poor health outcome in first-world countries where teeth are very important.

Exercise and moving around are essential. Older generations never walked anywhere and spent their final years in front of the TV in an armchair. Today, people in their 70s tend to be more active, and walking for 2-3 km per day is normal for many. If you are going to continue to live the best life possible into old age you need to be fit, and not putting too much weight on your joints.

Sleeping well can be a problem for older people who tend to sleep and wake a lot at night, and often don't get to sleep again. This is where the exercise regimen helps and you will sleep better if you move around a bit more.

Staying Connected to Live Best Life

Staying well connected and involved with family and friends is equally important. Try to do some activities with your grandchildren, and keep reading the papers and books to maintain your general knowledge. Try to do some puzzles, or become involved with a local trivia team at your local club. The trivia teams compete against one another in general knowledge quizzes and this will keep you mentally active.

Sometimes, the type of work that we do as younger people can be damaging to our health, and some tradespeople have worked too hard physically all their lives and retire in pain often immobile from back and body injuries. This way of working is no longer acceptable and is against WH&S, and no one should retire from work a physical wreck.

Other people damage themselves when young via substance abuse, and often these people don't have long lives either, some do recover often scarred by the experience, sometimes having to live in assisted care homes.

Living our Best Life

To retire and live well, you do require one more ingredient and sadly that is money. Many people struggle to save enough for an ideal retirement, and others retire well. Try to get out and make the most of your lovely country while you still can, and maybe practice some gratitude.

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