How Physical Exercise Benefits Mental Health

It's become much more common in recent years, to the point where doctors prescribe exercise to treat mild to moderate forms of depression and anxiety. There have been plenty of tests and studies showing the positive effects you can expect from exercise. One of the most defining studies found that physical exercise is just as effective at treating mild depression as anti-depressant medication is.

Physical Exercise And Your Brain

Exercise is such a powerful anti-depressant because of the changes it can make to your brain. It's known to promote neural growth and reduce inflammation. You might not even realize that these two things affect you, but you will be able to tell the difference on the other end. You'll experience newfound feelings of calm and fitness after a good exercise session.

If you've ever heard anything about endorphins, then you'll know just how powerful exercise can be for improving your mental health. Endorphins are chemicals in your brain that activate after a workout or training session. They lift your spirits as you've never experienced and will make you feel better than ever before. Some people swear by the endorphin kick they get out of rigorous daily exercise.

Find Some Peace

One of the most common causes of mental health problems like depression comes from being left alone with your thoughts for too long. Overwhelming and depressive thoughts can creep into idle brains if you're not careful. Exercise acts as a distraction for these thoughts, allowing you to be present and focus on the time you are training. Many people have likened exercise to their own "personal therapy."

Physical Exercise And Anxiety

The benefits of exercise don't stop at depression either. There are so many points to be raised about how it helps fight anxiety too. You'll find the most significant benefit if you allow yourself to get lost in your training while you do it. Focus on your breathing and your movement. If you can do this, you'll not only be physically fitter with a successful workout, but you'll find yourself calmer and less anxious than you would usually feel.


There are so many benefits of physical exercise to your mental health that they cannot all be listed here. If you're struggling at the minute and feel like you need a helping hand, exercise is a quick (and affordable) way to help take your mind off things. You'll find yourself feeling better in no time. Your workouts don't even need to be too long if you don't have the time. Twenty minutes a day is just as successful as one hour would be. Give it a try and see for yourself how it makes you feel.

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