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NoMoreWaitLists is an online all-in-one Canadian directory that helps businesses listed in the directory to connect with new clients that need their services.

You can showcase your business and provide details about your business to attract new clients and customers.


Created by Josephine Marchese in memory of her father, who struggled to find the timely care he needed. NoMoreWaitLists aims to abolish wait lists across Canada. This comprehensive platform features companies from across a wide range of industries, from medical clinics, chiropractors, and mental health services to senior care, natural practitioners, daycares, and more.

Benefits of Listing Your Business on No More Wait Lists

There are many benefits to listing your business on NoMoreWaitLists, including:

High Visibility: With No More Wait Lists receiving over 11,000 views per day, your business gains significant exposure to a wide audience.
Targeted Marketing: No More Wait Lists employs various targeted marketing strategies designed to attract consumers and clientele, generating valuable leads for your business.
Build Trust: In today's selective market, consumers prefer to engage with reputable companies. Listing your business on No More Wait Lists, a credible platform, boosts your authority and fosters trust with new customers.

How No More Wait Lists Works

Simple Search and Navigation: Consumers seeking a service can either click on a specific category or use the navigation bar to search for the desired service and location.

Comprehensive Listings: The search results provide a list of service providers. Each listing indicates whether a business is available, fully booked, or open for direct online booking based on available dates.

By listing your business on No More Wait Lists, you can take advantage of these benefits to grow your brand, generate more leads, and build authority in your industry.

Premium Listing

Your business becomes accessible 24/7, allowing potential clients to reach you at any time.

With increased visibility, you can attract more clients in your local area, expanding your customer base.

You have the option to link your own online booking system, streamlining the process for both you and your clients.
If you do not have an online booking, you can use booking, available exclusively for premium members.

Your business will feature at the top of search results, increasing the likelihood of potential clients discovering and choosing your services.

No More Wait Lists provides valuable insights about your business, helping you understand your clientele better and make informed decisions.

As a member, you can post a blog on the No More Wait Lists website, which will be shared across our social media channels, increasing your online presence and engagement.

Clients can easily access your business through mobile devices, offering convenience and flexibility in booking appointments or accessing information.

Pay $5.95 Monthly (plus HST) or save 20% with an annual plan. This option includes profile creation, contact details, mapping, higher search ranking and you can link your online booking system or use our proprietary system.
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