image – Anxiety, Trauma, Grief, Identity, Life & Work, Depression, Self-Worth, etc.

You don`t need to struggle alone! I am a therapist who helps people with issues such as covid fatigue, anxiety, stress, depression, healing from past traumas and/or abuse, relationships, life transitions, chronic pain, grief and loss, and issues related to identity, self-worth/self-love and meaning/purpose/direction in life.

I`m an experienced Registered Psychotherapist, coach for parents/guardians of teens and safeTALK suicide prevention trainer. I offer counselling, psychotherapy & coaching to private individuals and also RCMP, Canadian Armed Forces Personnel, Veterans and Refugees. I`m currently providing online and telephone appointments to diverse clients across Canada. I`m affiliated with The Space Within in Stratford and in post-pandemic times I look forward to meeting there with clients once again whenever possible. My work is grounded in anti-racism and anti-oppression practices. My fees are covered by most insurance plans.

My expertise and passion lay in helping people to achieve wellbeing, gain more control of their lives,
and increase feelings of fulfillment, meaning and joy to be able to each their potential. I welcome everyone with a desire for change, healing or transformation.

For more information, please visit my website ( I offer a free 10-minute phone consultation before booking.