Strathcona Tender Loving Daycare

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About us:

Our goal i st to provide a complete nurturing environment for the growth and development of your child.

Safety is our highest priority. We regularly train our staff to maintain high level of vigilance towards the children under their care. We carry our regular fire drills to familiarize children to help them follow instruction in case of any emergency. We hire our staff with great care and diligence. This includes extensive interview process and reference check. We encourage our staff to update their training through various workshops help by professional trainers in the field, at regular basis. Entry access to the facility is restricted. Parents and staff are provided with their electronic key card with a refundable deposit.

Curriculum Based Learning:
We have recently started to include curriculum-based learning as per the guidelines from Alberta Early Childhood Education. We are developing our unique program with collaboration with a very experienced early childhood educator who completed her study and training in Cornell University NY and Harvard University MA. Our standard based curriculum is designed to suite each stage of child development from infancy to pre-school that helps prepare them to transition to kindergarten program with ease. We call this school readiness program.

Field Trips:
Field trips are excellent way to trigger curiosity in younger mind. Therefore, we plan our field trips based on children`s interests and the topic that is being discussed in their rooms at that time. This may include library, parks or special places. Depending on the requirements we arrange for safe transportation. Parents` involvement is very much encouraged.

A Few Words About Our Centre:
We opened our doors for children at Strathcona Tenderloving Daycare in 2013 and were fully accredited in 2014. Our staff are well trained and provide top quality care to children in our care. We believe that children thrive when they are provided opportunities with proper guidance and nurture. As our name suggest we believe in ‘tenderloving’ care. We encourage kids to achieve their potential and let them achieve their own milestones at their own pace. We strongly believe in uniqueness of every child and therefore we do not measure success with rewards like badges etc.

We also give high priority to help children develop healthy eating habits by providing them with nutritious meal and snack options prepared fresh daily by our cook. For more information on our program give us a call today.

Subsidy Options

Some children are eligible for subsidy that is provided from Government of Alberta. The amount of subsidy is determined by the household income in the previous year. Please refer to the Alberta Human Services website for details.
Inclusive Childcare Following Pyramid Model

At Strathcona Daycare, we employ the proven pyramid model for an inclusive learning environment. Click here to read find out more.

Accredited Childcare Centre:
A daycare centre receives accreditation from AELCS once it meets their stringent criteria of quality childcare. Thanks to our dedicated staff we are pleased to inform that we achieved our accreditation status shortly after of opening our doors. Now we are fully accredited for more than 4 years. More information on accreditation is available at the AELCS website.