Sporting Edge Physiotherapy

Search no further we are the Physio clinic in Vaughan you are looking for to relieve your pain today.

A focus on return to sports and fitness we dont just sideline you or tell you to stop doing what you love, we give you solutions.

We go beyond fixing your pain.

We get you back to sport and fitness with specific conditioning exercises and education.

We treat your injuries of your jaw, neck, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hips, knees, ankles, feet, fingers and toes.

We treat your post concussion syndrome and acute concussions.

We are FSCO certified to deliver care after your Motor Vehicle Accidents

We are the only clinic in Vaughan to offer you shockwave therapy for no additional charge if needed for:
-plantar fasciitis
-achilles tendinitis
-shoulder calcific tendinitis
-patellar tendinitis or jumpers knee
-lateral/medial epicondylitis or tennis/golfer’s elbow

We offer you Pelvic Health Physiotherapy for rehabilitation of urinary or fecal incontinence, pelvic pain, and bladder prolapse.

We have Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists to help you lift weight safely and more effectively to reach your goals.

We have Dry Needling Practitioners to perform intramuscular stimulation to help you relieve pain and activate muscle.

We have certified SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Analysis) practitioners to figure out what is driving your pain.

You will not be disappointed by our thoroughness and attention to detail when we figure out why you are in pain and plan how to fix it in as short of a time period as possible.

We also have a Naturopathic Doctor on staff that can help you with nutritional information, digestive support, remedying chronic pain, and vitamin injections.

Dr Rob Raponi of MSK Naturopathic provides a dynamic approach to health care. People are unique, and being so require individualized care.

At MSK Naturopathic, we take all that we know about medicine and apply it to everything we learn about you in order to come up with the best treatment plan possible to accomplish your health goals.
With a focus on pain management, rehabilitation, weight loss and sports nutrition, you can trust that we will take the time to get to know you and your concern so that we can arrive at an appropriate and individualized treatment plan that will return you to optimal health and function.

MSK Naturopathic in Vaughan focuses on pain management & acupuncture rehabilitation, gut microbiome health, & weight loss with a sports nutrition focus.