Speechcombers Therapy Services

Offering speech-language pathology services in-person and remotely to children and adults.
E Services To The Southern Gulf Islands

About Us:

Thyra offers speech language pathology services to the Gulf Islands communities. Thyra also serves as the spech language pathologist for the Gulf Islands School District. Previously, she has worked as a speech language pathologist both at the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation and the Burnaby School District.

Missy is our office assistant. She is 12 years old and loves being around people. She may visit to say “hello” or “I’d like some lunch” during our appointment.

If you have a cat allergy, please let us know and we can make sure she does her paperwork in a different space.

Everyone deserves to be heard. We are here to help clients learn to communicate in a way that others can understand.

Our Services:

Our services will always be personalized based on your interests, strengths, and needs. Services may be provided in your home, in our office space in Ganges, or remotely via teletherapy. Services we provide may address the following:

Articulation and speech sound disorders
Motor speech disorders, e.g., Apraxia of Speech
Language delays and disorders, sometimes associated with other diagnoses, e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Social (pragmatic) communication
Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)
Rehabilitation services after a stroke or brain injury
Maintenance of communication skills in degenerative conditions