Skye Avenue – Kitchen & Lounge

Skye Avenue is a fancy place in Surrey, BC where you can enjoy really good food and lots of different kinds of whiskey. The place looks really nice and fancy too.

SKYE Avenue Kitchen & Lounge is a culinary adventure with artisanal craftsmanship and an extensive selection of innovative spirits and wines. Our menus are thoughtfully crafted, showcasing the richness of Canadian cuisine infused with delightful hints of European and Asian influences.

SKYE draws inspiration from the `Isle of Skye,` located in the highlands of Scotland. Scotland`s distilleries are renowned for crafting the world`s finest quality whiskies. We proudly offer an expansive selection of Scotch, whiskies, and cognacs.

We are excited and take immense pride in introducing our culinary and dining experiences to you at SKYE Avenue Kitchen & Lounge.