Dr. Irvine is a fully private physiatrist offering a number of services with very little wait time.

Dr. Irvine is a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist (Physiatrist) from Edmonton, Albert, Canada. Dr. Irvine is fully private and not part the provincial healthcare plans. As a result, he has a very short waitlist. He is offering private consultation services for the following conditions:
– Acute & Chronic Pain
– Neck & Back Pain
– Muscle injuries and pain
– Chronic Overuse Conditions – Tendonitis, Bursitis
– Osteoarthritis of joints
– Nerve related pain conditions – radiculopathy; nerve injuries; trigeminal neuralgia
– Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
– Migraine Headache management with Botox
– Hyperhidrosis management with Botox
– Erectile dysfunction (Men`s Health Assessments)

Dr. Irvine has over 20 years experience with a number pain management strategies as outlined:
– Image guided Interventional pain management strategies: Ultrasound guided injections; Fluoroscopic (x-ray) guided injections; Radiofrequency Ablation Procedures; Platelet Rich Plasma Injection (PRP)
– Shockwave therapy (VIASURE) for pain conditions
– Trigger point injections for muscle pain
– Medication management strategies for acute injuries, neuropathic pain and chronic pain

Dr. Irvine has more recently started assessing men with sexual health issues. The assessment is interdisciplinary with a physiotherapist trained in pelvic floor stability. With the combination of pelvic floor exercises and shock wave therapy (VIASURE), most men notice a marked improvement in their erectile function and sexual enjoyment. Dr. Irvine is able to provide a very discreet and private service.

Finally, Dr. Irvine also offers a number of additional services in combination with other healthcare providers (Physiotherapist, Occupation Therapist). These services are outlined as follows:
– Disability Assessment with Form Completion
– Functional Capacity Evaluations with Interpretive report.
– Medicolegal Assessments related to motor vehicle collision and work injuries.
– Fitness for work assessment
– Exercise with Disability Assessments
– Whiplash Assessment & Management