Sherway Physiotherapy & Laser Therapy

Physiotherapy is a health care profession helping people to restore, maintain, and maximize their strength, function, and overall wellbeing. Physiotherapy has significant role in diagnosing, and treating different body aches and pains as well as preventing further ailments.

Physiotherapy treats your muscles, bones, and joints using proven effective modalities, careful motions, and stretches.

At the heart of what we do is our natural approach to understanding how and why the movement and function of the body takes place. We use our formal training, practical experience and up-to-date scientific evidence to analyze the impact of injuries and conditions on our patients.

We are very much client centered, with each case treated with a customized plan. We take care and courtesy to treat our clients with dignity for their bodies and their cultures.

Our ultimate priority is to promote optimal mobility for each patient, but we also extend our care to enhance their overall health and wellness, and work to keep injuries from re-occurring by teaching clients how to maintain pain free body. Getting tips on how to manage acute and chronic conditions is very important!

We strive to educate our patients as well as provide treatment. Our methods include the use of diagnostic and assessment procedures and specialized tools and therapies to help our patients return to normal living as quickly as possible. We will work on healing the damaged tissue that is giving you pain and work to improve your joint mobility, muscle strength, balance, posture and endurance.