Science-Based Stephenie Farrell, Trauma Recovery & Eating Disorder Support: Addressing the mind, body and nurturing the Inner Child for women


Private Coaching & Counseling
Private one-to-one coaching sessions: I use a science-based approach, delving into the psychological and physical dimensions, focusing on nurturing and healing our inner child—the part of us affected most profoundly by early experiences.

The 6-Week NamasteEFT‚Ñ¢ Yoga for Trauma Recovery and PTSD Series
This series is tailored for individuals who have experienced trauma, including PTSD survivors, those recovering from challenging life experiences, and anyone seeking a holistic approach to healing. No prior yoga experience is necessary; all levels of practitioners are welcome to join this nurturing journey towards healing and wellness.

Nourishing the Soul: Navigating Eating Disorders & Enhancing Body Image for Mature Women
By the end of “Nourish Your Soul,” you‚Äôll feel more confident, empowered, and in control of your health and well-being equipped with the tools and strategies you need to maintain a healthy relationship with food and your body.