Realign Physio & Wellness Center

We are a team of qualified healthcare professionals who are dedicated to improve your health by providing easy access to quality care with desirable outcomes. Our well-equipped clinic provides you an easy and convenient access to the available services needed for your recovery and helps us to deliver the treatment safely with better care outcomes.

Our multidisciplinary approach provides you with easy access to various expertise under one roof. This ensures that you receive an optimum quality of care with no delay in your recovery process. We want you to have a pain free life and so our competent team always strive to improvise your experience and satisfaction in our clinic by ensuring that every individual receives the treatment they need in timely manner.

We maintain an easy-going, lively, and inspiring environment to promote excellent safe patient care, promote positive relationship with every team member as well as patients for a positive recovery. This helps to improve the mental and physical wellbeing which reduces the probability of recurrence of the injury.

We help people during all stages of life to recover from injury by proving best possible treatment options. The remarkable services provided by our team will surely make your visit to our clinic a beneficial and satisfying one.

We offer following services:
Registered Massage Therapy
Chiropractic Care

Why choose us:
Privacy – We provide one on one appointments in a private room.
Flexibility – We provide flexible hours and accept walk in to adjust each and all individuals need.
Patient Centered – We provide care considering the needs and values of every individual to improve the treatment outcome.
Respect РWe value each others’ views, interest and contribution towards desirable outcome and treat each other with dignity.
Compassion – We understand what our patients are going through which helps to communicate better. This leads to better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.
Excellence – Our health care experts are knowledgeable and strive to learn continually with regards to various assessment & treatment protocols. This helps to provide a higher level of care.
Continuity of care: Our team is there with you through out the treatment sessions until you feel better and provide you with information about how to live a healthy life after you have been discharged.