EC Orthotics

EC Orthotics

Clinics Foot Care
1 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON M5C 2W5


EC Orthotics is a professional foot clinic located in downtown Toronto steps from the QUEEN subway station and located along the underground PATH.

New patients are always welcome and no referral is required to be seen by our chiropodists. Here at EC Orthotics we provide a wide range of services and products to treat and maintain the health of your feet and ankles. Our team of skilled chiropodists will assess, diagnose, treat and educate you on your foot-related concern.

All of our treatment services start with an assessment by our chiropodist, who will ask you questions about your foot concerns and take your medical history. During this appointment, our chiropodist will assess your feet. If your foot concern is related to foot pain, mobility or deformity, the chiropodist will conduct a biomechanical and gait analysis to assess your gait, range of motion, areas of pain, and so forth.

An action plan will be discussed wherein the chiropodist will make recommendations for treatment, medication, orthotics, proper footwear, compression stockings, splints, braces, foot mobility exercises, or over-the-counter foot products. If time permits, the chiropodist can start treatment during the assessment.


Monday to Friday 10 am - 6 pm, Saturday by appointment only


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