Sky Therapies, Anna Skomorovskaia (Sky), MSW, Psychotherapist

Sky Therapies, Anna Skomorovskaia (Sky), MSW, Psychotherapist

Mental Health Psychotherapist
865 York Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3B 1Y6
Toronto, ON L4J 8K8


My specialty is working with teenagers, students, adults, and families struggling with anxiety, PTSD, past trauma, chronic pain, hypervigilance, flashbacks, nightmares. My compassion, non-judgement, and trauma-informed approach allow me to create genuine connections with my clients. I have formed a unique blended approach to psychotherapy and dietetics (nutrition) by combining my wealth of learning and experience within both fields. Through this adventure in education and experience, I discovered a wide array of techniques and modalities, helping to heal different challenges in individuals just like yourself.

I provide therapy that has solid evidence backing its effectiveness. I understand that a single therapeutic technique can not be applied to every problem. Throughout the years, I was trained in many different techniques, which I am able to combine to meet each individual`s needs in a very unique way. These techniques go beyond talk therapy and include brain based therapies, like EMDR, Brainspotting, inner wounded parts healing, have shown that it really works.

I believe that therapy is a heroic journey of discovery, healing and growth, and it is uniquely yours. Nothing happens in isolation, so I consider the influence of world events, life experiences, and a lot more while we work together. For more information about my services, please, visit