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Charlene Kennedy has over 20 years of experience in Ontario as a registered dietitian working with individuals and families to empower them to improve their nutritional well-being. Much of Charlene’s career was at The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, solidifying her passion for pediatrics. As her private practice grew, she became interested in nutrition for rehabilitation and developed expertise in this area.

Charlene is the proud owner of Kennedy Nutrition, a company she has worked to grow over the past 12 years. She now leads a team of eight highly-skilled dietitians who are ready and willing to work with you, your loved one, your client or your patient to ensure their nutrition is optimized for health and recovery.

Kennedy Nutrition is one of the most long-standing and established private nutrition practices in the city of Ottawa. Our experienced registered dietitians are available to meet with you and your family, gain an understanding of your situation and come up with a plan to meet your needs. Charlene Kennedy and her team are ready to help create a healthier life for you and your family.

A registered dietitian looks at how all aspects of your life impact what you eat. The intertwining relationships of your physical health, mental health, social life, family dynamics and relationship with food are just some aspects of the nutrition puzzle that is you. Whether you’re struggling with picky eating, gastrointestinal issues or are simply looking for a nutrition ‘check-up’, a registered dietitian is your ticket to optimizing your nutritional health.

As registered dietitians, we are accountable to The College of Dietitians of Ontario, which guide our professional conduct and care we provide.


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