Heather Lumley Counselling

Mental Health Mental Health Counsellor
1135 Adelaide Street North
London, ON N5Y 5K7


Over 20 yrs experience in the Mental Health and Addiction sector.

Infertility; disordered eating; addictions; trauma; depression and anxiety.

About Heather:

For over twenty years, I have focused on learning how others think, coaching teams to success and building programs to fill system level gaps that successfully drive outcomes. As I witnessed stress, burnout and ongoing absenteeism from my colleagues and teammates, it was clear that one of the missing pieces of our work world was the focus on our own mental health and the health of the workplace. Research demonstrated that employees who are respected, supported, encouraged to think and treated with fairness are vastly different from employees whose work experience is toxic, ethically challenging and one where harassment and bullying exists. By examining and creating a culture of safety both physically and psychologically – employees thrive and are more motivated in their roles. By ensuring we are looking and asking about our employee’s mental wellness, ability to cope, resiliency and attention to self-care – we foster an environment of safety and openness.

From my experience in business, healthcare, private corporations and correctional institutions, the combination of my clinical knowledge and business acumen creates a multi-faceted understanding of the organizational, political, and front-line aspects of mental health and addictions; and mental health as it relates to employees in the workplace. By using my unique background, working together, we can build systems and teams that are effective in understanding and managing psychological health and safety within organizations.


Sector Expertise:

Mental Health and Addictions Specialist

Clinically trained professional in Justice, Mental Health and Addictions

Community Service leader and mentor

Provincial, National, and International lead for Mental Health and Justice

Government Agencies and system planner experience

Functional Expertise:

Psychological Health and Safety

Clinical Mental Health and Addictions

Leadership coaching and mentorship

Provincial Associations and Advisory Committee representation

Policy development and implementation strategies

Project management and change management


9 am - 9 pm - Monday- Friday


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