JST Art And Therapy Inc. - Healing For Grieving Hearts

JST Art And Therapy Inc. - Healing For Grieving Hearts

Mental Health Art Therapist
2482 Maynard Street
Halifax, NS B3K 3V4


Are you navigating your grief journey after a loved one`s death? You`ve come to the right place.

You have lost a loved one recently or a while ago. My heart goes out to you. You`re here because you`re looking for a way to heal and, at the same time, find a safe space to talk about your feelings without being judged. The Healing for Grieving Hearts program gathers my personal experiences and the work with my clients over the last eight years. We focus on the therapeutic art interventions I have used for years as an art therapist. You will discover compassionate actions and rituals that you can use when needed in the future.

The program is lovingly designed to help you: heal the very natural grief you`re feeling, cherish fond memories without painful feelings of regret or remorse, emerge feeling re-energized recommitted to your own life without feeling like you`re leaving your loved one behind, step into a new expression of your life`s purpose with compassion.

Please reach out for a free 30 minute call. I`ll listen with an open heart, and if you have questions, I`m glad to answer them. At no time will I try to sell you anything. The call will be on zoom, but you don`t need to turn your camera on if you don`t feel comfortable doing so.


By appointment only. Please send me an email to arrange a free 30-minute discovery call. (no sales pitch). All sessions are self-pay, no insurance.


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