Neeha Matin – Ontario

About Neeha Matin:
(Accepting clients for day and evening sessions) Life can at times be overwhelming but there is no better time that this moment to begin to create positive change. As your therapist, my priority is that you feel comfortable as we work through your struggles and obstacles together so you can lead your best life with joy. With my 15 years of clinical practice in various countries throughout the world, my role has been to create a safe place for my clients and/ or couples, inspire hope, and support and facilitate change.

My approach is collaborative, and inclusive of your visible and invisible identities. Additionally, as a trauma informed and culturally sensitive therapist, I understand the importance of setting boundaries and allowing a non-judgmental space and time for healing.

My therapeutic approach is primarily shaped by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy, but I also integrate components of mindfulness and trauma-focused modalities if warranted. I strongly believe that psychotherapy is neither linear nor generic, therefore customization for every individual client is key.

After accumulating clinical experience as a medical doctor in the fields of psychiatry and neurology, I became keenly interested in supplementing my hands-on experience with further academic training and licensure in psychotherapy after migrating to Canada. I have had the opportunity to both study the medical background behind the pathology of some psychological issues, as well as see first-hand the effects of putting psychotherapy into practice through my clinical experience. This experience makes me uniquely qualified to help guide you and gently empower you towards realizing your full potential.

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Anxiety Disorders
Depressive disorders and Mood Disorders
Couples therapy
Eating Disorders
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Personality Disorders (BPD, OCPD, etc)
Trauma and stressor related issues
Self harm and suicidal