Lisa De Beer, Registered Dietitian At Terry’s Your Independent Grocer

I am the In-Store Dietitian @ the Your Independent Grocer store in Gravenhurst, Ontario. I provide nutrition counselling both in person and virtually.

Whether you are seeking help to manage a medical condition or simply trying to eat better with your family, I can help you meet your nutrition goals. I work with my clients in the Muskoka region to suggest gradual, practical changes that are sustainable for a lifetime! I promote balance, not restriction, when it comes to healthy eating!

I offer a non-diet approach to healthy eating and believe in an “all foods can fit” philosophy. I am able to support my clients at the point where most food decisions are made….the grocery store! I can teach you how to read & interpret food labels, make healthy changes to some of the foods you enjoy and increase your variety of healthy meal options.

Making changes to improve your nutrition is not always easy. I am here to guide and support you and keep you accountable to your long-term nutrition goals. Not sure if I am the right dietitian for you? Let`s talk about it! Call or email me to set up a free 15-minute discovery call to discuss your nutrition goals and how I can help! In the event that i am unavailable, I may refer you to another dietitian with similar expertise.