Karen Freud, BA, RCAT, OATR, RP – Ontario Claimed

Online Art Therapy for individuals of all ages, anywhere in Ontario.

Do you feel anxious or worried all the time? Or too often? Or for no apparent reason?
Are you having a hard time dealing with events or changes in your life?
Have you lost your motivation?
Have you slowed down or stopped doing things that you used to enjoy?
Are you having a hard time getting along with others?
Do you ever find yourself either withdrawing or clinging to other people?
Do you sometimes have a hard time explaining yourself?
Are you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed?
Do you ever feel like you just want to hide from the world?
Do you ever feel down about yourself?
Do you lack confidence?
Do you find yourself doubting your ability to make good decisions?
Do you ever feel like you don` t know who you are anymore?

Let`s work together to make your life better.

Currently, I primarily work with women ages 30+ who either never married or are separated/divorced or widowed who are looking for a supportive space to express themselves, reduce stress and anxiety, discover their identity, and develop greater confidence.

I am curious, patient, open, reflective and supportive. I will help you understand what motivates your thoughts and actions. I will help you find effective ways of coping with problems. I may at times gently challenge you (e.g. to think about things in a different way and be open to new ideas) but I will do so with empathy and only when the timing feels right and you are ready. It`s very important that you feel comfortable and at ease with me.

If you`d like to know more about my therapeutic style or more information about how I work, I`m happy to offer a FREE no obligation 20-minute consult.