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Mindfulness and Meditation::
John Kovac founded �Durham Mindfulness� which offers individual and group instruction on mindfulness & meditation practices.?

Mindfulness is often defined as �paying attention on purpose moment by moment without judging� (Jon Kabat-Zinn). This means developing the ability to pay deliberate attention to our experiences from moment by moment.

?Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that benefits both your emotional well-being and your overall health.?

Through the teachings of mindfulness and meditation, John can show his clients how to tap into their own inner strengths and resources that can help them make wiser decisions about their health and life in general.

With the aid of a computer, physiological processes, which are otherwise challenging to perceive, are monitored and made measurable. These processes include, for example, muscle tensing, pulse, respiration or body temperature.?

Within the biofeedback process, Therapist John Kovac can provide a detailed report based on these measurements.

Marital and Family Therapy:
Marital and family therapy is a distinct mental health discipline which utilizes family systems theories and interventions techniques.?

Marital and family therapists are specially trained to help individuals, couples and families resolve personal and work related problems. The minimum requirement for members of Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (OAMFT) is a Master�s Degree. There are specific course requirements and a supervised clinical practicum.?

Clinical Membership requires two years of post-mater�s clinical experience; a minimum of 1,000 hours of marriage and family therapy conducted in face-to-face contact with individuals, couples and families supervised by and AAMFT Approved Supervisor.

Registered Clinical Members are held to the demanding Code of Ethics of AAMFT. Members have training in the development stages of personal, family and relationship growth. Having done their own family of origin work as part of training, they know what it is like to look at themselves and their relationships.?

OAMFT Marriage and Family Therapists focus on solutions or actions to resolve problems. Therefore, therapy is usually shorter and more economical than other therapeutic approaches.?

The Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (OAMFT) is a division of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), an international professional association established in 1942. Activities and membership are dedicated to the promotion of the profession of marriage and family therapy and the advancement of practice and principle, which enhance individual and family well being.?

Individual Therapy:
Sometimes your life seems �just fine�. But, at times, things turn dark and can seem overly challenging.?John�s gentle and heartfelt work guides and inspires you into a deeper understanding of your own life, and will empower you to take responsibility for your issues.?

John Kovac is trained in multiple modes of therapy and evidence-based interventions that cater to his clients� specific context and life situation where individual goals and expectations can be realized.?

Through talk-therapy and other methods of inquiry, John can help pinpoint the specific area, or areas, that you are not in balance. If needed, bio-feedback or mindfulness training may be utilized on the way towards deeper self-understanding.

John Kovac�s treatment philosophy takes a humanistic and holistic approach to helping his clients improve their overall well-being.

I offer Psychotherapy in the cities of Oshawa and Toronto.

EMDR Therapy:
EMDR is an efficient, comprehensive method for the treatment of the disturbing experiences that underlay many difficulties. It comprises an eight phase treatment that includes the use of eye movements.

EMDR incorporates psycho dynamic, experiential, behavioral and cognitive body based systems therapies. This therapy helps trauma survivors reprocess disturbing thoughts and memories. (Francine Shapiro -2001).

Virtual Clinic:
What is a �Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic�?

There are times when the input and experience of a psychiatrist could be very important to the support of a client�s healing journey.?

Using secure and private modern internet technologies, John can arrange a confidential consultation (similar to skype) between himself, his client and a certified Psychiatry Consultant.