GP Holisitic Counselling Services

Helping you Manage all of your Mental Health Needs.

GP Holistic Counselling Services works from a client centered philosophy in which the client is the expert. Working from a holistic and client-centered framework, clients will have their own personalized tailored program that will include his/her/their relational, emotional, mental, social, sexual, psychological, spiritual and environmental dimensions as they are all deemed important to recovery and healing, and thus create the foundation for the services provided.

GP Holistic Counselling Services offers general mental health counselling, sex therapy and sex education from a trained registered professional social worker. Sessions are client cantered and may include educational and therapeutic modalities based on the individual clients’ needs. Therapeutic counselling can assist clients to reassess their current situation, decrease levels of stress, anxiety and depression as well as to help increase feelings of self- fulfillment, self confidence and awareness while moving towards their personalized goals in life.

GP Holistic Counselling Services is proud to serve individuals of all diversities, abilities, and ages (individuals, couples, and families) in the Grande Prairie and the surrounding communities, as well as virtually all across Canada! Understanding that everyone experiences situations differently the counsellor will work alongside you, at your own pace, and with your goals in mind to ensure the most therapeutic beneficial experience.