Firefox Counselling Claimed

Does either of these statements sound like you?

– I feel sadness and helplessness whenever I am alone.

– I often feel trapped in my own head and lost in thoughts.

– I know what to do, but I cannot do it.

Together, you and I shall discover how to:

– A new, better, more robust version of you to build a life of your choice.

– Able to trust others and your inner wisdom.

– Falling in love with yourself, life and others around you.

– Better physical and mental health.

– Overcome traumas and be at your best.

– Open, honest, and respectful communication about your needs and expectations from others.

– Ability to regulate emotions and manage everyday stress.

– A new meaning, purpose, and vision for your life.

I am a trauma Therapist. I dedicated my career to improving the lives of individuals who have gone through traumas at different stages.

For over a decade, I have been providing trauma counselling to people who have struggled due to painful experiences. Many of my clients longed to create respectful, loving, and life-affirming relationships with themselves and others for years before they began counselling with me.

Trauma work requires specialized training and specific skills. By working with me, you can feel assured that you are receiving help from someone professionally qualified, trained, and experienced.


Working hours: Working hours May Or May Not Be Available. Please Email/Text/Call/Book By Website To Check Availability.