Counsel Me Vancouver

We are a team of counsellors who provide relationship, couples, and individual therapy.

For couples therapy, we use the Gottman Couples Therapy Method because it`s researched based and proven to help couples improve their communication and overcome gridlocked issues. I work with many couples dealing with struggles such as betrayal, affairs, indecision, poor communication, ongoing arguments, and broken trust. I also work with couples looking to simply strengthen their relationship who are considering marriage or have been together for many years.

For individual therapy, we help clients with their struggles with grief, trauma, relationships, self-esteem/confidence, work/life balance, anxiety, depression, addiction, and eating disorders.

We provide free consultations to help clients ensure that they`re fit with the right therapist and to go over basic questions and information. If you`re interested, email, call or arrange a consultation through our online booking system.