Cecile Rozuel – Psychotherapist

Jungian psychotherapy services for individuals (18+) seeking to understand their conscious and unconscious dynamics.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist offering services to individuals (18+), in English or French, online or in-person in Ottawa, ON.

My practice is grounded in Jungian psychology (a psychodynamic approach), and integrates Active Imagination, dream analysis, shadow work and somatic explorations.

I provide my clients with a safe space to explore creatively and dynamically their sense of self, and to understand what has contributed to shaping their self along the way, from early childhood to now. We address both conscious and unconscious patterns which play out in their present concerns, wounds and hopes.

I have experience supporting clients struggling with anxiety disorders, mood disorders (including depression), eating disorders, self-esteem and/or body image issues, developmental or childhood trauma (including complex PTSD), and major life transitions.