Canadian Centre For Integrative Medicine

The Centre for Advanced Medicine is a fast growing Integrative Medical Centre with a multidisciplinary naturopathic team setting. We use the Functional Medical Model to solve chronic, complex health problems.

About us:

The Centre for Advanced Medicine is an integrative medical clinic with a multidisciplinary team that uses the Functional Medical Model to solve chronic and complex health problems.

You will find our health care professionals work tirelessly to apply the latest research to restore your health and allow you to reach your full potential.

Our functional medical approach uses innovative diagnostic techniques, strategies and treatments. Along with our in-house team, we collaborate with a network of Medical Doctors and other health practitioners to solve the most difficult health problems. Our commitment to patients is to meet their current needs with fast symptoms relief and sustainable long-term solutions that ensure renewed health and future health independence.

Our services include:
Immune Rejuvenation
Autoimmune Regulation
Chronic Fatigue Recovery
Lyme Disease
Chronic Pain Management
Diabetes Resolution
Cardiovascular Health And Prevention
Chronic Inflammation
Integrative Oncology
Hormone Health
Health Rejuvenation
Stress Resilience & Mental Wellness
Environmental Medicine
Pediatric Functional Medicine