Mindset Update - British Columbia

Mindset Update - British Columbia

Natural Practitioners EFT/Tapping


Deep emotional healing, personal growth and transformation.

One-on-one coaching and counselling for natural cellular healing, transformation and success in any area of your life. Holistic practices with long-lasting results, no medication and side effects.

• Therapy for Therapists

• Journey Sessions for Deep Cellular Healing

• Healing Mental, Emotional, and Sexual abuse

• Trauma Release with Inner Child Work

• Restoring Your Voice and Ability to Express

• Emotional Detox after Narcissistic relationships

• Emotional Support to Refugees

• EFT Tapping

• Stress Relief

• Fears and Phobias

• Depression

Services are provided by Accredited Journey Practitioner, Certified EFT, NLP, and Matrix-Reimprinting Practitioner and Mindset Coach.


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