By The Sea Counselling Ltd, Calgary

Find Calm. In the Storm.

Work with Wonda to see things more clearly. Move forward with your own sense of improved wellbeing.

Even when we do our best to take care of our physical and mental health, things happen. We don�t think twice about seeing a doctor when we break a bone or have constant pain, but many hesitate to find solutions to a mental health issue. There are several ways to get help; sometimes by talking to family and friends. Sometimes through counselling. It�s normal.

You have been coping with things so far, but maybe it�s becoming too stressful to handle on your own. You want to talk it through with someone, try to figure out a better way of dealing with the issue. When you�re not sure who to turn to, it is easier to speak to someone who won�t make judgements or tell you what to do.

The benefits of counselling include development of coping strategies, increased self-awareness, improvements in interpersonal relationships and personal growth through goal achievement.

I am here to assist you in finding ways to see things more clearly and figure out ways to move forward with a sense of improved wellbeing and day to day functioning.