Annina Schmid Counselling


For some reason, you’re still doing what you’re doing, even though it isn’t helpful. While you know you need better coping strategies than food, dieting, exercise, alcohol, cocaine, or cannabis, challenging the way you’re thinking hasn’t worked. You might have seen a few therapists in the past or are even currently seeing someone for other reasons, but your problematic behaviours tend to go undiscussed – in part because you feel too guilty or ashamed to talk about them. Now you’re ready to reclaim your life, though.

Get the peace of mind you want: Together, through solution-focused conversations, we’ll explore how you can start living a life of purpose, free from recurring negative thoughts and harmful behaviours. You’re not defective, and you can take meaningful action right now: Take a look around my homepage and contact me for a free consultation today!

You’re the expert on your condition and our time together will be all about what works best for you. Receive highly individualized support in a warm and welcoming environment – we’ll work entirely at your pace. I’m a feminist practitioner and welcome men and members of the LGBTQ+ community.