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Personalized Psychotherapy Care and Guidance:

Individual Therapy:
Individual psychotherapy is a one-on-one relationship between myself and you. We will explore your goals, your thoughts, your behaviors and relationships with their underlying consequences (what’s bothering you and/or others). In our work together, you can come to realize that you may have been following older patterns of thoughts, relationships, and behaviors that are no longer working for you.

Parenting, Post-Partum, and Medically Complex Situations:
Many children and teens express their emotional challenges through difficult behaviors (tantrums, difficulty sleeping, anger, problems at school, etc.).
Your family may experience transitions (moving, death in the family, divorce, being stuck at home) and it is typical for children and teens to respond. Sometimes when you are faced with your child’s emotional challenges it feels like nothing works, nothing is changing and everything seems to be more difficult. It may feel like you’re not a good parent, even like you failed
My approach is to help you understand and gain insight into your child’s experience, see the situation through their eyes and I may suggest that you try something different.
Couples Therapy: Couples Therapy sessions help patients develop positive attitudes toward life’s most complex and challenging circumstances.

Online/ virtual therapy:
Online/ video/ teletherapy/ e-therapy are ways in which we describe the use of technology in providing psychotherapy services. All professional colleges that regulate psychotherapy service providers have standards when it comes to using of technology. These regulations range from protecting your personal information to professional liability insurance. I follow the OASWSSW’s regulations.