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Registered Dietitian & Fitness Advisor in Calgary.

We help you eat & train for better results, driven by testing metrics & no-BS advice. Specialties: sport nutrition for youth/adults, macros, and digestive health.

Pillar 1: Testing Metrics

You must truly understand your baseline & progress metrics in order to achieve the best results your body is capable of. Let’s work smarter, and arm you with personalized knowledge about you for success.

Our Resting Metabolism breathing test tells you “how much” you need to eat, by directly measuring your body’s calorie needs. Our Body Composition Analyzer provides your lean body mass, so you know “what” amount of protein is most optimal for your goals.

Once you understand your body, you can fuel your body with the nutrition you need. Without proper nutrition and optimal protein intake, it’s impossible for you to build lean muscle and lose body fat, even if you are dedicated to training!

No amount of data and knowledge will lead to lean muscle gain and fat loss, unless you put in the dedicated work in training. There is simply no replacement for displacement!

Instead of traditional fitness training as an ongoing crutch, you will learn the unknown unknowns that you didn’t even know about. You will dive deep into the connection between mindset and training, and we draft up your road map for the path you want to go.

You can access our program info at Pricing is available at When you're ready to book, the first session is body composition & resting metabolism testing - book here:


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