A Natural Path To Health

Chiropractic and acupuncture services.

About us:

There’s a good chance a Chiropractic approach to health will be different than what you’re used to. Take back pain for example. Everyone is looking for the same end result- to get out of pain, but how we go about getting you there, and why we do it that way, makes all the difference.

Symptoms are like a fire alarm going off to warn you that there’s a problem. We all know the alarm isn’t the problem, the fire is. We need to stop turning off the symptoms (the alarm) and ignoring the real problems! That’s what Chiropractors do – we help you to put out the fire, and then work with you to prevent future fires from occurring.

The objective of chiropractic care is to restore healthy communication throughout your body, and to maintain this communication all the time, leading to better function, less accidents and a healthier you.

A Natural Path To Health was founded in 2003 by Dr. Aaron Weitz. We’re here to offer you natural solutions to health and wellness. We simply want you to thrive and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

We’re strategically located in Toronto (North York), Ontario. Our patients love visiting our office because of the central location, convenient hours, and caring team of dedicated health professionals.

How We’re Different:

Family-Based Care:
We’re a family-based chiropractic clinic that offers customized and unique solutions for all ages. We’re dedicated to providing chiropractic care for those afflicted by a number of conditions but our primary focus is on total body wellness. Regardless of your current level health or condition, we can help you rebuild a healthier you!

Whole Self Health:
With a C.C.W.P (Certified Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Practitioner) Certification, Dr. Weitz provides wellness lifestyle advice and solutions throughout your care, in addition to providing chiropractic adjustments. Our goal is to provide you with the fundamental tools to improve your quality of life through exercise, nutrition, supplementation, and functional brain exercises.